SUDA-LABDevelopment Flow

1 IDEA Development

IDEA Development

Like after school club activities, we run over regular brain storming meetings.
At first, we freely broaden ideas, imagining what would it be happy to have.
Won't stop ideas for the outcome or reality at this stage.

2 Prototype


If we find a strong idea from the group discussion,
we search for a way to "make it possible" preferably fast, easy, low cost.
Free wear, already made stuff are welcome.
Variant changes of existing things are welcome.
Cherish the Hacker spirit and just do first, not to think too much.

3 Demonstration


Utilize all the network of internal and external network that ad agency have,
we would find a collaboration partner who can demonstrate the idea.
By flexibly adapting the idea suitable for the collaboration partner,
we would try to find a way to put into practice in a unique and smooth way.

4 Product Development

Product Development

As we develop it by the way of experiment, we found out where to improve.
We put the finest focus on "what we find out as we do it."
When the idea born from the desk come true,
we find out some discovery and improving points.
By integrating it, we move on to the product development.

As it would sale or not sale, time only knows, but inquiries or questions are welcome.
Suda_lab will continue our work like an after school activity
and try create new and unique menu for the future of advertisement.